I’m Baaaaack!

10 09 2011

After a very long bento haitus, I am ready to get back to bento-ing! Initially, I just burned out on doing bentos every day…and feeling obligated to take pics every day…and feeling obligated to write something every day. Then, when my munchkin started kindergarten, I thought I’d start packing her lunches, but I was honestly not feeling up to it. However, this summer, she atteneded day camp for a few months and about that time I determined to get our eating habits under control while hubby was gone (he’s in the Army and deployed to Afghanistan…and a junk food junkie). So I started packing her lunches for day camp. I honestly didn’t try to get fancy because, being a single mom working full-time, I didn’t have much time or energy to do so, but she loved them jsut the same. Unfortunately, in the afternoon, they would put their lunch bags outside with their backpacks until the parents arrived to pick them up. It was hot out…and most of the boxes I sent with her were the locking type…and I found out, the hard way, that heat makes them explode. So after a couple of weeks, all of the boxes ended up broken. Since Ichiban Kan isn’t selling online anymore, and I didn’t feel like dropping $20-30 a box, I just made do with Glad containers.

However….all that changed when I found AllThingsForSale.com. They have a huge selection of bento boxes and accessories in a great range of prices, with boxes ranging from $2 up to $25. Perfect! So I ordered enough to start rebuilding my supply. All of this pictured was $67 total (shipping is a flat $6 anywhere in the US). I am so excited and can’t wait to start bento-ing again!

From left to right: Grey Lock & Lock Set (includes two boxes, a water bottle, spoon & fork, and bag), Leaf Shaped Silicone Dividers, Mayo Cups, Heart Picks, EasyLunchboxes Set, Bluebird Box, Pink Square Box, Sandwich Cutters, PInk Checkered Box, Swirl PIcks




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