I am a Bento Slacker!

29 10 2008

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve not posted a bento in quite awhile (wow, it’s been a month already!). I’ve still been making bentos, but they haven’t been too inspiring. Most of them have been tossed together first thing in the morning before I run out the door, so even if they were pretty, I didn’t have enough time to take pics.

I can blame some of this on my husband who bought me Lord of the Rings: Online which has been sucking up the hours in the evening after Munchkin goes to bed that I normally used to make my bento for the next day. I can also blame part of it on the fact that my birthday was this month, plus I had Guard duty for a few days, which both meant that I was eating out for lunch on several occasions.

I’m going to get back into the swing of making some decent, photo-worthy bentos…yes, I am. Hubby gave me a bit of a bento wake-up call the other night when I was drooling over all the new and restocked goodies at Ichiban Kan. I’d filled up my cart rather nicely when he said “Why are you buying more? You’re not even using what you have now.” Ooo…ouch….he’s right. So, before I let myself buy anything else, I’m going to have to start using what I have first (and stop using Munchkin as an excuse becasuse she’s not asked for bento in ages).




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