Munchkin’s First School Bento!

12 09 2011

Blue "Bonjour, les Fleures!" box with cheese mini-sandwiches cut into flower shapes and picks of jellybean tomatoes and hot dogs. Not Shown: Green grapes (added later) and Pirate Booty cheese puffs in butterfly container.

My first bento for Munchkin to take the school. It was so much fun to make and she LOVED it! The box came back completely empty…which never happens. (Well, empty of food that is, thankfully, she only managed to lose one pick) We did run to the grocery store to pick up more ingredients for her bentos this evening. So now I’m pondering what to pack for tomorrow (provided she doesn’t insist on continuing her pattern of eating in the cafeteria every other day).


Bento #12 ~ Pride in the Name of Love

9 09 2008

Munchkin’s preschool is having show ‘n’ tell tomorrow where they have to bring something that is yellow, square, or begins with a “b”. We decided that her square fairy bento box would be ideal. So…being that I have to show off just a little ;), I planned out a nice snack box for her, using the some of the cute accessories I got in today. Since the preschool provides food, I deicded against doing a full lunch-type bento and opted instead for just a few little snack items that she could share.

Mozzerella cheese and turkey bologna on animal picks, baby carrots, baby corn, rainbow goldfish crackers, boston creme mini-cupcake, lined with spinach

And I couldn’t forget myself of course. Since Munchkin doesn’t like rice (!!!), I get to experiment with all the rice-related stuff myself. I used the egg mold to make the heart-shaped onigiri.

Top tier: Heart-shaped onigiri with salmon furikake, soy sauce in fish bottle
Bottom tier: Edamame, mozzerella cheese and turkey on animal picks, tropical fruit salad

Bento #9 ~ Picnic Bentos!

5 09 2008

Munchkin was home sick today, so we got to spend the day together. She wanted a picnic lunch, so I made up bentos for the both of us. It was alot of fun! This was my first attempt at octodogs. They didn’t curl up like I thought they would…next time, I’ll have to try pan-frying them…this time I just boiled them. She did, however, have a great time pulling the “arms” off and dipping them in ketchup.

My bento on the left ~
Top tier: Crab sticks, ramen noodles w/ furikake, and fish bottle of soy sauce
Bottom tier: Baby carrots, baby corn, and fruit chews
Munchkin’s bento on the right ~
Octodogs w/ mini-bottles of ketchup and mustard, baby carrots, baby corn, rainbow goldfish crackers, and Princess cookies.

Munchkin’s First Bento!

30 08 2008
Contents: Bologna face with string cheese and raisin eyes, clover sprout hair, and grape tomato mouth. Rice crackers, grape tomatoes and string cheese on baby spinach.
Box: Disney Fairies lunch container (the blue stuff in the lid is gel to keep it cool)
As a reward for finally going potty like a big girl, my little one wanted a bento box. So we picked out this one (along with one of the Putifresh Pink Apple snap ones from Ichiban Kan) at the grocery store yesterday. Technically, this is not her first bento because I whipped one up when we got home yesterday, but she grabbed it and devoured it before I could get a pic. 😛

I definitely believe in the “presentation is everything” concept when it comes to getting her to eat because normally, she won’t touch spinach or sprouts, but she ate them right up when presented decoratively in her new bento box. This is going to be fun!