Bentos #23 & 24 ~ More Two-For-One

1 10 2008

I’ve been a lazy photographer lately. Been taking the pics, but not uploading them here. Below are today’s and tomorrow’s bentos, with commentary.

Today’s Bento

container of soy sauce and more ketchup, yakgwe cookie.

Vegetable fried rice with egg leaves and ketchup, baby carrots, and kawame salad. In lid: container of soy sauce and more ketchup, yakgwe cookie.

 Please kindly ignore the ugly kitchen floor in this pic…one of my “backdrops” was in use elsewhere (my eco bag), and the other was in the wash (my cherry blossom shirt). I swear once I get some extra money, the first thing I’m doing is getting new tile in the kitchen. But anyway…on to the bento. It looks quasi-pretty, but was all in all, a bit of a disappointment. Cold to room temperature fried rice is not yummy at all…at least not the kind I make. The ketchup blobs were supposed to be veins on the leaves, but turned out all wrong and ended up as just…blobs. Note to anyone who bought the super-cute compartmentalized mayo containers at Ichiban Kan: they are NOT leak-proof. Thankfully, I had it tucked in my lunch bag with my bento and not in my eco bag with my workout clothes because I ended up with half the soy sauce all over the inside of my lunch bag and all over my bento…and I was being very careful not to jostle it too much for that very reason. Lesson learned. This bento was veggie-heavy due to a weekly Biggest Loser challenge I’m partaking in at SparkPeople…we’re tracking our daily vegetable servings (GO Green Team!). Anyway…onward to tomorrow’s bento.

Greek finikia cookie, frozen strawberries.

Left tier: Pork and napa cabbage gyoza, shrimp and edamame shurai, baby carrots, all on top of soma noodles. Right tier: Greek finikia cookie, frozen strawberries.

Lots of brown in this one, I know…but hopefully it will be tastier than today’s. The gyoza are not burnt, I just did a little experiment and pan-fried them in dumpling sauce which gave them a crispy, carmelized look. Finikia cookie is from the Greekfest…mmm….I could eat a dozen of these at a time. They are sooo good!




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