Yes, I Am a Bento Snob

24 09 2008

“To Post or Not To Post?” Indeed, that is the question that I believe that more bento-makers ahould ask. Many seem to feel obligated to post a bento everyday, regardless of quality. Despite the simplistic dictionary definition of a bento that states that it is merely a single-serving lunch in a container, I believe that a “true” bento goes beyond that and implies that care has been taken to the details of the meal. Leftover casserole tossed into a plastic container doth not a bento make. I guess that I’m somewhat of an elitist snob when it comes to bento-ing (along with a myriad of other things as well, but this is the bento blog, so I’ll just focus on bentos for now :P)…but I believe that folks should take a bit of pride in what they do and in what they post. Sure, I don’t see anything wrong with tossing leftovers into a plastic container, but why bother taking a picture of it and posting it in a bento community (or blog)? I am guessing that some people feel the need to see those numbers go up in regards to how many bentos they’ve made. As for me, I think that quality should prevail over quantity. Yes, there are going to be those days where the content isn’t terribly exciting, or the lighting isn’t quite right, or you rushed through it…or any number of factors that make for what I call a “borderline bento”; it’s more than glop in a box, but not quite as artfully arranged as it could be. That’s fine…I have those days too (today was one of them as you’ll see when I post my bento)…but any number of little tricks can be used to at least make it a bit more photogenic: tweak it in a photo editing program, use a pretty backdrop, etc. I think that if you’re posting something for all to see then it should be because you take pride in it….and to be honest, there are alot of bentos out there that I don’t think their makers (or anyone else) are proud of.

I would like to add however, that now that I’ve thought about it some, I realize that sometimes I have posted a subpar bento for the purpose of obtaining feedback on how I might make it better. In those cases, I can understand someone posting a bento that’s a bit below their usual standard.




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