Temporary Bento Burnout :(

23 09 2008

Yesterday, I forgot to make a bento and today’s bento was boring leftovers. It was borderline picture-worthy, but I opted not to take pics because I was feeling lazy. I think I’m starting to suffer from Bento Burnout. I’m just not motivated to take up most of my evening between Munchkin’s bedtime and mine assembling a bento like I have been (of course, I know that part of this is due to hubby having bought Mass Effect for the computer and I’ve been playing instead of bentoing at night…bad me). I just want to toss stuff in the box and not worry about prettiness…and that’s so not like me. It must be a depressive time for me right now…I’ll get over it, as usual.

But, for your viewing amusement, IĀ present Cake Wrecks, a side-splittingly funny look at cakes gone wrong. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never let Wal-Mart do a cake for you ever again after seeing some of the awful results of so-called “professional” cake decorators. Enjoy!




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