13 09 2008

Thanks to Vanessa’s teacher, I found a store that sold mooncakes! They had a pretty decent variety, though they didn’t have any individual ones…they were all in gift boxes. So I snagged the cheapest one they had…8 for $12.99. If we weren’t so broke, I would’ve gotten one of the more expensive ones because these were just a little disappointing. For one thing, they were rather small compared to what size I though they’d be and, most of all, they were very plain. I had been looking forward to the ornately-embossed ones. Ah well…as you can see from the pics, I went ahead and ate one. It was ooohhh so yummy! The crust was very flaky…it practically fell apart when I cut into the cake…and the filling was lotus seed paste with salted duck egg yolks. I can’t even describe the taste because it was like nothing I’d ever had before…slightly sweet with a bit of saltiness from the egg yolk.

EDITED to add that apparently the box I got is a mix because the mooncake I ate last night had red bean paste, not lotus seed. I like the lotus seed better…it has a more delicate flavor to it.


As you can see, it came with a nice gift box and matching gift bag. Spiffy! 
I also picked up some choco-banana Pocky and mini-puddings. Yum yum! Sugar rush, here I come!



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