Bento #14 ~ Mmm…Leftovers!

11 09 2008

Tomorrow’s lunch bento is essentially a copy of what I just had for dinner tonight. I don’t mind eating it more than once if it’s as yummy as this was. 🙂 The layout is kind of boring, I will admit…but I really didn’t feel like jazzing it up much today. The only difference between dinner and lunch is the Lychee Coconut Jelly that I’d forgotten I had. It was given to Munchkin, along with a few other oriental snacks about a month back when her preschool was doing an “Around the World” theme for the week. Her teacher is Chinese, so she gave them goodie bags of Chinese snacks and little toys. Ooo….that makes me realize that I could probably ask the teacher where to buy moon cakes. I’ll have to remember that tomorrow when I drop Munchkin off.

Chicken katsu, tonkatsu sauce in mini-bottle, wakame (seaweed salad), lychee coconut jelly
Yakgwa (Korean fried honey cookie) in lid



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