Latest Bento Goodies!

9 09 2008

My second Ichiban Kan order came in today! Yay! So many fun and cute bento goodies!

Putifresh Pink Apple boxes (lock box is for Munchkin, 2-tier is mine) with matching utensils (which are for Munchkin too)
Black chopstick case (that you can barely see at the bottom)
Not shown: Putifresh Pink Apple belt (because it was buried in the bottom of the box and I’d forgotten about it until I went to assemble my bento)

Accessories (L to R): furikake stencils, antibacterial sheets, Lovely Friend dividers, Together animal picks
star and heart egg molds

The background pattern for both pics is the eco bag I also bought.

Now that I have all of this, I’m off to make two bentos for tomorrow. Munckin’s daycare is having show and tell and she has to bring something that is square, yellow, or begins with a “B”….and we decided that her square fairy “bento box” would work perfectly!




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