Bento #12 ~ Pride in the Name of Love

9 09 2008

Munchkin’s preschool is having show ‘n’ tell tomorrow where they have to bring something that is yellow, square, or begins with a “b”. We decided that her square fairy bento box would be ideal. So…being that I have to show off just a little ;), I planned out a nice snack box for her, using the some of the cute accessories I got in today. Since the preschool provides food, I deicded against doing a full lunch-type bento and opted instead for just a few little snack items that she could share.

Mozzerella cheese and turkey bologna on animal picks, baby carrots, baby corn, rainbow goldfish crackers, boston creme mini-cupcake, lined with spinach

And I couldn’t forget myself of course. Since Munchkin doesn’t like rice (!!!), I get to experiment with all the rice-related stuff myself. I used the egg mold to make the heart-shaped onigiri.

Top tier: Heart-shaped onigiri with salmon furikake, soy sauce in fish bottle
Bottom tier: Edamame, mozzerella cheese and turkey on animal picks, tropical fruit salad




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