Bento #11 ~ Yummy Experimentation!

9 09 2008

Left: Chicken Egg Fu Yung, bottle of ketchup
Right: Veggie gyoza, baby carrots, edamame, mini Boston Creme cupcake

Breakfast bento

Grapes and Frozen banana rolls (recipe here)

Today’s bentos were products of some experimentation. Last night, I made egg fu yung for the first time in….well, ages. It turned out pretty good, I think. I had half for dinner and the other half in the bento (hubby opted to share Munchkin’s Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee instead…no sense of adventure…but more for me!). The banana rolls are the ones on my list of “Bento Things I want to Try” (see post above) and they are very yummy! For future reference, however, I have to remember not to leave them in the freezer overnight. They were rock-hard in the morning when I tried to cut them.

And I got more goodies this evening from Ichiban Kan! Will take a pics and post a bit later after Munchkin’s gone to bed (I got a couple of bento things for her and she’s already wanting to use them!).




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