Bentos #7 & 8 ~ The Amazing Invisible Bentos!

4 09 2008

I’ve been a lazy-butt the past couple of nights and have been just tossing a bento together in the morning…hence no pictures. Neither of them were particularly attractive, anyway….though they were yummy! (At least yesterday’s was…I haven’t eaten today’s yet, but it looks yummy!)

Bento for 9/3/08 ~ Leftovers Are Our Friends!:
Bottom tier: Leftover jasmine rice and leftover grilled Carribean chicken
Top tier: Stir-fry veggies

Bento for 9/4/08 ~ Little Orphan Bento
Bottom tier: Ramen noodles w/ nori furikake, rolled egg
Top tier: Shrimp gyoza, edamame




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