Munchkin’s First Bento!

30 08 2008
Contents: Bologna face with string cheese and raisin eyes, clover sprout hair, and grape tomato mouth. Rice crackers, grape tomatoes and string cheese on baby spinach.
Box: Disney Fairies lunch container (the blue stuff in the lid is gel to keep it cool)
As a reward for finally going potty like a big girl, my little one wanted a bento box. So we picked out this one (along with one of the Putifresh Pink Apple snap ones from Ichiban Kan) at the grocery store yesterday. Technically, this is not her first bento because I whipped one up when we got home yesterday, but she grabbed it and devoured it before I could get a pic. 😛

I definitely believe in the “presentation is everything” concept when it comes to getting her to eat because normally, she won’t touch spinach or sprouts, but she ate them right up when presented decoratively in her new bento box. This is going to be fun!




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