No Bento for You!

29 08 2008

Or for me. I decided to get some cleaning done after munchkin went to bed last night (which is usually my bento-making time). So, no bento today. But….happy news on the bento front anyway…ICHIBAN KAN HAS RESTOCKED! Woo hoo! I nabbed up a bunch of bento goodies for both me and munchkin because she’s caught my bento fever and has been begging me for her own bento box.

This time I snagged for me:

  • Putifresh Pink Apple 2-tier box and belt,
  • Flower eco bag
  • Hana Tombo chopkstick case.

For munchkin I got:

  • Putifresh Pink Apple seal container and utensil set
  • Lovely Friend dividers.

For both of us, I got:

  • Together animal picks
  • Star and heart egg molds
  • Furkaki stencils
  • Antibacterial sheets.

Whee…I can’t wait to make cute lunches for my baby!




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