No Bento Pics for 3 DAYS?! Argh!!

27 08 2008

Yes…you heard right. I spent 30 minutes creating and arranging my bento tonight for tomorrow’s lunch, went to get the camera and found out that my husband has taken it with him out of town for 3 days!! Agghhhhh!! Is this grounds for spousal abuse when he gets back? Probably not. Humph…

Anyway….my oh-so-pretty, and very first (lacto-ovo) vegetarian bento box…san pictures:

Bottom tier: Homemade curry multigrain tortilla chips with artichoke and garlic hummus, with clover sprout and grape tomato fillers.
Top tier: More grape tomatoes, edemame, string cheese, peaches
Lid: Marble Pocky

Breakfast bento (also meat-free):
Bottom tier: Nature’s Path Optimum Rebound Banana-Flax-Machta cereal
Top tier: Low-sugar dried pineapple, YoPlus cherry yogurt
Cup: Silk low-fat vanilla soy milk




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