Bento #5 ~ Fall in Kyoto (Or East TN…or Wherever)

26 08 2008

Top tier: Rice with furikake, egg, and nori “leaves”, tamagoyaki
Bottom tier: Seaweed salad, crab sticks, sliced black plum
Not shown: Marble Pocky
Box: Natural Lunch 2-tier oval in green

Approximate nutritional value:
Calories 365, Carbs 42, Fat 14, Protein 21

Breakfast bento:

Tamagoyaki, apple cinnamon flaxseed waffles, cherry yogurt w/ strawberry

Approximate nutritional value: 
Calories 326, Carbs 37, Fat 16, Protein 12

I tried my hand once more at the autumn leaves theme…not terribly successfully again…they look like blobs instead of leaves, but better than last time. At least this time I know my creation will taste good. And at least my photography skills are getting a bit better…on the lunch photo at least. Breakfast turned out blurry somehow.




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