Bento #4 ~ Yummy and Pretty!

24 08 2008

Bottom tier: Boneless teriyaki wings, edamame, grape tomatoes
Top tier: Rice cubes with cod roe furikake, nori sakura and dragonflies, clover sprouts.
Lid: Dried low-sugar pineapple slices
Bento box: Natural Lunch 2-tier in natural

Nutritional Info:
Calories 380, Carbs 73, Fat 3, Protein 14

My mother and I did a little shopping this afternoon and I managed to pick up a couple of super-cute mini paper punches at Michael’s for only $1 each! The little sakura flowers and dragonflies are soo cute! I couldn’t believe how much regular paper punches are…anywhere from $5 up to $20! Yikes! I was hoping to find a 3-pack for around $5 because I figured that plain ole paper punches had to be cheaper that “specialty” nori punches…so much for that theory.

I managed to restrain myself from picking up a few food items from World Market, rationalizing that I could get them cheaper at the Oriental Market tomorrow after work. I’m itching to try some Pocky…and they had some cute candies called “Flower Kiss” that looked and sounded so pretty…and I need some more rice crackers.

I think I’m getting the hang of taking food pictures a little better now…thanks to the helpfulness and tips from [info]nilmandra over at [info]bentolunch. I’m having fun experimenting with all of the settings on my camera.




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