Bento Goodies!

21 08 2008

They finally arrived today! I officially LOVE Ichiban Kan. All of this for only $17…and that includes shipping! I can’t wait until they get restocked so I can snag up some more fun bento goodies.

The goodies (from left to right):

  • Liberty “Man’s” bento box (medium size) with matching chopsticks and belt: The box is a bit small, too small for the full-sized chopsticks to fit in the lid, unfortunately, but they are meant to go in the large size which I’m planning on snagging as soon as they come back in stock again. This would make a nice snack bento to pair with the large box for lunch. The belt is meant to be used with both boxes and is kind of pointless to use with just the one box because you can’t tighten it up enough.
  • Natural Lunch green oval two-tier box: Very cute. The top section seems really small, but the bottom section seems a generous size, so I guess it all evens out. So far I think this is my favorite.
  • Mini sauce bottles (12-pack): These are so cute. I especially love the little fish bottles, even if they look like they wouldn’t hold much. But the rectangular bottles look like they would hold a good amount so this is a good assortment of sizes.
  • Wooden chopsticks set: They’re cute…they’re chopsticks. Not much more to say.
  • Natural Lunch ivory 2-tier box: I like the portion sizes of this one the best of all of them, but the kawaii-factor of it is zero. Very blah-looking box…it needs stickers or something.
  • Sushi grass dividers: They’re green…umm..that’s about it.
  • Fun cube rice mold – heart: Super-cute. I can’t wait to make little furikake-heart-embellished rice cubes with this.



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