Bento #3 ~ My First “Official” Bento

21 08 2008

Bottom tier (front): fried rice w/edamame & vegetables, covered with an egg (omuraisu), mini-tamagoyaki (made with leftover egg from the omelet), and ketchup in sauce bottle
Top tier (back): Shrimp gyoza, soy sauce in fish bottle, and red plum
Bento box: Natural Lunch 2-tier oval in green

Approximate Nutritional Value:
Calories 368, Carbs 43, Fat 15, Protein 16

Yay! My first bento in a real bento box! I am still amazed how much food I managed to cram into that tiny little box. The only obstacle I ran into was purely decorative….I wanted to draw a leaf onto the omelet with ketchup since I remember eating rice omelets in Korea that had ketchup on top, but the way the tiers fit together, it would have ended up smearing all over the bottom of the top tier. Oh well, I just ended up putting the ketchup in one of my cute little bottles (man, what a pain those are to fill!) and stamped the leaf onto the omelet with one of my new cookie cutters.




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