Bento #2 ~ Is it Fall Yet?

20 08 2008

Whole wheat angel hair pasta with cheese and dried tomato “leaves” and olive “acorn”, olives and sun-dried tomatoes marinated in Williams-Sonoma Tuscan Grilling Drizzle, and fruit skewers with black plum, pinapple, and green grapes (the divider is a slice of whole wheat tortilla)
Bento “box”: Glad Take’n’Toss container (I should get my real boxes tomorrow…yay!)

Approximate Nutritional Info:
Calories 427, Carbs 77, Fat 10, Protein 12

I just couldn’t wait until fall to use all my new goodies I picked up at Wal-Mart. This almost was a “Jap-talian” bento because I had already made rice, but changed my mind at the last minute because I was craving olives and sun-dried tomatoes, and figured that the pasta would go with it much better.

(Non-bento-related stuff after the tag)

On the non-bento front, I am jumping for joy because I passed my ANG Physical Fitness Test! I have been stressing out about this for weeks now. You see, 50% of the score on the test comes from your time running a mile and a half…and I can’t run. Well, I probably could if I set my mind to it, but I have short legs that are just not made for running (I kid you not…I can walk just as fast as I can run…I timed it). So I just *knew* I was going to fail the test even though I was pretty confident on the rest of it. (30% is based on waist measurement, 10% on timed sit-ups, 10% on timed push-ups) But the officer who gave me the test let me do the step test instead of running…which consists of doing step aerobics for 3 minutes, then taking your heart rate and comparing it to your resting rate…the faster your heart rate, the worse the score. All I had to do was relax and pretend I was just taking a leisurely walk up the steps…easy peasy. I don’t understand why it is that supposedly more people fail the step test than the run. To me, the step test was a piece of cake…but I guess to alot of people, running is a piece of cake. Ah well…
But anyway…I passed! Got an 84.75 out of 100….and you need a 75 to pass, so I did good! Woo hoo! I’m so proud of myself! My big box of bento stuff that’s coming tomorrow will be like a big reward. I can’t wait!




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