Bento #1 ~ Keeping it simple

18 08 2008


Edamame, steamed vegetable gyoza, tamagoyaki, fresh pineapple and black plum.
Bento “box”: just a basic Glad Take ‘N’ Toss container.

Nutritional Info (total bento):
Calories 423, Fat 16, Carbs 46, Protein 25

This is tomorrow’s (8/19) lunch bento. I didn’t really have to make it since I’m not going to work and can whip something together at home, but I wanted to have something to post here. It looks so yummy, I want to eat it now…but I hear the oven timer going off…Kashi pizza time!

Back from pizza, more about the bento….the edamame and gyoza are frozen, the tamagoyaki I made and added sesame seeds and five-spice powder. I went to the oriental market today and got all kinds of goodies. I just wish they sold bentos. Ah well…hopefully the ones I ordered from Ichiban Kan will be here soon.




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