Hello world!

17 08 2008

Hi….I’m Adrienne (also known as Ravendas in most of the online world) and I am a working mom to an active preschooler, guardswoman (TN ANG), and budding Bento addict.

I was first introduced to the bento world through the Sparkpeople team, Bento Buddies. I had only heard vaguely of bentos through my love of Japanese food, but until I stumbled on the group, I had never realized what a wonderful tool it could be for losing weight and eating healthier. And since I work full-time, bentos are a wonderful way to pack a healthy portable lunch.

If you’re curious to learn more about bentos, please check out some of the links that are listed to the right. Just Bento and Lunch In a Box are two fabulous resources for all things bento.

Just a word of warning…my timing in starting this blog is a bit odd because I’m supposed to be going to Georgia for 3 months for military training. I’m hoping to continue my bentoing while I’m there, but it will be an interesting challenge to see what I can whip up with the limited resources in a hotel room. Not to mention, trying to wrest the digital camera away from my husband will be more than a bit difficult. But, as the blog title says…have bento, will travel. So here we go…into the unknown!




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